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Our initial idea when starting the company end of 2017 was to make it easier and faster for travelers and locals, wherever they are, to instantly find the right place to eat, drink, party, have fun or just relax, based on their current mood and preferences – whether they are on a business trip, travelling alone, spending an evening with friends, having a romantic date...

As we investigated further, we realized that restaurants, cafés, bars and clubs are facing similar challenges: they want to reach out to relevant customers during off-peak-hours, in cases of no-shows or for the organization of special events.

That’s why we put matching customer needs with the most appropriate venue at any time at the core of our solution – and developing and marketing wikoti™ has become our obsession.

for travelers and urban explorers

For travelers and locals.
Because there is no “one-size-fits-all” wikoti recommends you the restaurants, bars, cafes, pubs, clubs nearby, that best match the situation and mood you are in.
wikoti keeps you tuned to your preferences and favorites, sending you special offers and personalized suggestions: you keep in control of the kind of notifications you want to receive and when. You will not miss any opportunity again!

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for business

For restaurant, bar, cafe, pub, club owners.
Boost your visibility towards travelers and locals.
Reach out and convert potential customers when you need them the most: during off-peak hours, after a no-show, during events or when launching special offers...
Benefit from business insights and tips to enhance your business.

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